One-stop service:

Simulation training: Provide customers with simulation training before    driving, and highly simulate the test drive, driving, insurance and accident. Allows  the operator to participate in the learning operation all the way before the project starts. After passing the exam, the operator is certified to operate,which effectively reducing the risk of parking due to human error. In the past,the gasifier were commissioned to full-load operation for at least two months. Now it takes only 10 days to drive. The commissioning costs for two months are generally in the tens of millions. If it is a large-scale project, it is several hundred million. After the simulation training, the trainee can save time and produce products early, which solve a lot of investment in commissioning costs, and it bring value to the owners.

Driving service: The  experienced professional driving team that participates in all aspects of the entire project from construction to production and long-term maintenance, which ensuring the safe and stable operation of each gasification unit, and setting a safe driving record for all projects. Easy visual operation,one-click start for safe driving. The company promises foreign projects to participate in the field guarantee for one year.

Zero inventory service: The company has spare parts warehouses near the project site, its scope of services covering the whole country project, whichreducing the investment in fixed assets and manpower of customers on spare parts, at close range and responding quickly to customer service requirements. It can guarantee to arrive at the project site in Xinjiang within 24 hours, and other projects can arrive within 12 hours.

Remote Service: Real-time display of the operating status of the gasification plant which helps the customer to perform 24-hour monitoring and early warning, it greatly reducing the risk of shutdown, and providing a strong guarantee for the long-term stable operation of the gasification unit.

Professional maintenance: Adhering to the idea of “Most know aboutequipment for maintenance”, the original technical team personally participatesin maintenance, which conducts repairs and maintenance on the safest way, and outperforms the economic war at the fastest speed.

Project consultation: customized coal chemical construction solutions.

Security check: After the project is put into operation, the safetycommissioner enters the various projects to assist the owner to carry out thesafety hazard inspection and provide constructive suggestions.

The 360° service quickly responds to the needs of the owners.

Serial Number

Project Implementation Phase

Service Content


Basic design phase

Assist the OwnerIn determining process program, inspecting basic design of the project, ITB and Purchase for long lead equipments, as well as the preparation work before civil construction.


Detailed design phase

Assist the OwnerIn working out report on start-up construction, implementing civil construction, as well as selecting equipments and factories


Civil construction phase

In charge of civil construction management, safety management, control of construction progress, plans as well as construction cost, management of material of construction as well as construction technology, and construction management of concealed work, such as cable chute, roads of factories, underground pipe network.


Process technology training

Training for manufacturing process, reaction mechanism and technological process of products


Simulation operation training

Provide operation manual for Owners, as well as draw up operating instruction and offer detailed training; exert regular control of operation and shut-down, technological operation accident handling and operating key points; systematic training of analysis and test; training of equipment maintenance.


Equipment installation phase

Assist the Owner in installing movable and static equipment; in charge of examination and verification as well as guidance of hoisting plan concerning important equipment; installation and debugging of electric instrument; anticorrosion and thermal insulation engineering management of equipment pipeline; large furnaces building management as well as check of single equipment test program and test run of single equipment.


Fabrication processing phase

Assist the Owner in working out fabrication processing schemes; the cleaning, acid-washing, passivation, washing, sweeping inside the process pipe and equipment; strength test and air tight test of equipment pipeline.


Fabrication processing of oxygen system

Work out fabrication processing proposals of oxygen system; organize the work for chemical cleaning and purge of oxygen system.


Air tightness, drying, displacement, as well as filling of catalyst concerning the system

Work out schemes and organize the implementation


Check and accept as well as the test run of utility system

Work out the overall test run schemes as well as the schemes for each unit; provide guidance for each unit in the operation process.


Mid-Delivery phase

Assist the Owner in all the checking and finalizing work before the transition; rectify the inferior aspects and manage the delivery procedure.


Linkage test run phase

Work out test run schemes and organize the implementation; verify the alarming and interlocking devices; assist the Owner in testing if the installation has met the requirements of design specifications


Device and system testing

Drying and nitrogen test of the system; ignition test; empty and wet test of sequence programme; provide test schemes and organize the implementation


Feeding and operation of the devices

Work out confirmation form concerning the conditions before the feeding for the gasification equipment as well as the form for the blind plate of the valve; work out schemes for introducing oxygen; work out the original operation order of the gasification equipment; provide guidance in the feeding and operation of gasification equipment.


Long period and stable operation phase of the system

Assist the Owner in long period, safe, and stable operation of the overall system; provide the Owner with schemes relating to systematic overhaul as well as fabrication processing


Evaluation and acceptance of the devices

Assist the Owner in working out appraisal program for the units; work out inspection report, and help the Owner in project checking and accepting.


Guaranteed Escort  and after-sale service of  the devices

Assist the Owner in formulating the list of spare parts, deal with the accidents during the manufacturing process, and work out the treatment plan for major accidents as well as arrange relevant rehearsal.

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