The summarization of CECO’s development strategy is:” Project Popularization realizes Performance Growth; Technology Innovation maintains Core Advantage; Incentive Compatibility provides Endogenous Power; Refocusing Development builds Special Brand.


1. Project Popularization realizes Performance Growth

Based on signed and negotiating projects, CECO continuously promotes HT-L gasification technology. It emphasizes the cooperation between domestic large coal, electricity, chemical companies and international energy chemical company to confirm and foster favored customer relationship. With the basic business of technical transformation and newly built project of the fertilizer company, CECO will serves the constructions of the seven largest national coal chemical industrial bases, expand the business of such coal chemical productions as synthetic oil, olefin, synthetic natural gas, ethylene glycol and the business of IGCC power generation, and develop the business in the international coal resource-abundant area in proper time. CECO will achieve high-quality and high-speed performance increase through technology centered project popularization


2. Technology Innovation maintains Core Advantage

The way CECO establish, success, and develop, is the way to turn aerospace high technology into productivity and serve national economy. CECO will lead the direction of coal gasification development as its duty and aim at the new trend of international coal gasification development. Based on the current technology, CECO will keep the input of technological R&D and innovation, enhance the integrative construction of R&D team, and improve the technological innovation and motivation mechanism, always keeping the international leading position. CECO will implement the R&D of higher pressure larger scale coal gasification technology, as well as energy and water saving coal gasification technology and develop the R&D of coal gasification’s matching downstream technology, making new opportunity, new business and new growth for the company.


3. Incentive Compatibility provides Endogenous Power

Innovation maintaining core advantage needs talent aggregation. Economic rationality is one of the theoretical foundations of economical development. Cultural strength is the key to collective success. The company will study the evaluating and allocation mechanism which implements the integration between labor achievement and technological element as well as management element, let investor, company and employee have the same target and incentive compatibility, and provide the company with endogenous power, realizing the maximum value for shareholders. By implementing the human resource policy of introducing, training, appointing, and stimulating, etc, and creating excellent enterprise culture with Aerospace Characteristics, CECO let each team member’s pride, sense of responsibility, creativity strive to be motivated, realizing the mutual development between the employee and the company.


4. Refocusing Development builds Special Brand

As a typical professional engineering company in coal gasification industry, CECO specialized in engineering design, patent and know-how equipments development and EPC, depending on the HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Technology advantages with independent intellectual property right. CECO drives the R&D of packaged process and the development of EPC as well as industry chain expansion with core gasification technology, forging CECO a professional brand, to be a world-class professional engineering company.


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