◆Changzheng Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CECO”)  is the only national Technology Engineering Research center for Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification in the industry.


◆HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Technology has independent intellectual property rights in China, obtains recognition of the United States, Europe, and the technological level is in the leading position around the world.


◆CECO has involved in enacting 4 national standards for gasification industry:

Specifications of coal for entrained-flow gasifier

Norm of energy consumption per unit product of methanol—part 1: coal to methanol

The norm of energy consumption per unit product from coal to synthetic natural gas

The norm of energy consumption per unit product from coal to olefin

CECO has involved in environmental protection standard for coal chemical industry

CECO is the National Dry Feed Coal Gasification Technology R&D Center.  
CECO Jointly established coal chemical industry environmental protection research group with environmental assessment center by Ministry of Environmental Protection.   


Changzheng Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CECO”) , established in June, 2007 (stock code:603698),belongs to the China Academy of launch vehicle Technology of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and is specialized in coal gasification technology and key equipment R & D, engineering design, technical services, equipment supply and EPC service.


Based on the advantages accumulated by China Aerospace in the development, production and testing of carrier rockets and liquid rocket engines,CECO has been applied to the field of clean and efficient utilization of coal, thus forming "HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Technology" with completely independent intellectual property rights in China. It can be widely used in the production of synthetic ammonia from coal, coal to methanol, coal to olefin, coal to ethylene glycol, coal to natural gas and coal to oil, coal to hydrogen and IGCC power generation.

The China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation have confirmed that the "HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Technology" has reached the international leading level. Compared with similar technologies at home and abroad, it shows strong competitive advantages in operational safety, stable production, adaptability of coal types, economical operation, environmental friendliness.

Up to May 2017, 215 patents for invention and utility models have been applied in “HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Technology”, of which 138 have been granted, including 45 invention patents and 93 utility model patents. Among them, there are 16 patents that obtain overseas authorization.  


Over the years, CECO has been committed to promoting clean and efficient use of coal resources, striven to become a comprehensive service provider for R&D of core technologies in energy and environmental protection, systems integration, engineering services(EPCTR), financial services, energy gas supply and waste disposal.

Vision & Goals: Global leadership in Clean and Efficient Coal Technologies.

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